Remembering Manuel R Diaz Rivera

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By Juan Diaz Rivera

A heart of gold, a big contagious smile and a vision beyond the ordinary. Three features that made him stand out and earn the esteem of many.


Manuel R Diaz Rivera arrived to Cabo for the first time in 1973 and immediately knew this would be his home. He always believed in, and worked hard alongside his father, architect Manuel, and since day one was involved in the development of the very first residential community in the area, Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas. Throughout the years, it was evident the love and passion Manuel felt for this coastal city: he appreciated the freedom and quaint beauty of a small community, enjoyed going fishing and practicing golf with his friends, but above all, the interaction and comradery of his good humor and disposition made him a respected and a welcome guest wherever he went.

His social responsibility was not just with his line of work, but for many years he served the local community by being present within the city council supporting and promoting initiatives for the progress of Los Cabos, propelling its touristic, residential and commercial development, plus, on an ingenious and efficient way he supported several projects, including the first private school in Los Cabos, Colegio El Camino.


The righteousness and honesty of his work is engraved in the minds and hearts of those who were able to work with him. Manuel was blessed with a happy and healthy family: his six children are testament to good manners, warmth, simplicity and respect, values under which he firmly believed in. There is an endless list of close friends, fishing partners and golfing pals that used to share a husky laughter. But above all, the endearing love which he professed to everything he did is what we will cherish and remember forever. Manuel R Diaz Rivera was and will always be, an inspiration for all of us that were lucky enough to grow, personally and professionally, with him. May he rest in peace.


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1 Comment

  1. Joanne Berkowitz says:

    Such a beautiful tribute. Manuel
    was everything and more. Larger than life!

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