In loving memory of Manuel R Diaz Rivera Gonzalez

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Manuel Ramón Diaz Rivera was, without a doubt, an example to follow as a son, person, businessman, visionary leader and above all, a father. He was always teaching life lessons through his actions and encouraged us to value the important things in life everywhere we were; whether within our family, school, or our jobs.

It was evident to those who knew him that he was a charismatic man, someone impossible not to laugh with for a while. For those who worked with him he was a good partner and a fair boss. And for those of us who had the privilege of being his children, he was the best and most loving father in the world.

It was our pleasure to have been raised and taught by Manuel’s loving hand and the many roles he played: devoted husband, developer, contractor, fisherman, artist, dreamer, astrologist, explorer, boss, adventurer, golfer, soccer player, wise man, writer, grandfather, father, brother, and true friend to this beautiful community that misses him dearly.

He was very young when he arrived in Cabo, and together they grew. His love and commitment to this land was evident: he sought adventure, traveling and meeting people. The passion in his actions can only be compared to the vastness of the sea and with all that he firmly believed in and fought for.

Poker games, domino tournaments, campfires under the stars, camping on the islands, watercolor painting, cooking, a good glass of wine at sunset, reaching out to a friend… those were some of the things he shared with us, his wife and children, and filled him with happiness.

One year ago you departed but your love, laughter and memory will always be with us.

Monica his wife and Lourdes, Manuel, Loretta, Micaela, Mariano and Marina Diaz Rivera, his dear children.

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