The Cabo San Lucas Real Estate Market

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By Frank Maury

Do you ever wonder why one area or one business or one property always seems to do better than its competition? It is all about location. When the early Spanish explorers stumbled upon the Cape of San Lucas in 1537, they found lots of evidence that the area had been in use for thousands of years. Later, pirates and seafarers used the Cape not only as a reference point but as a safe haven from storms and a re-supply base. The Jesuits started using the area to spread their religion in 1730 and eventually worked their way up the peninsula with a series of missions.

Today, travelers are still flocking to the region evidenced by the constant increase of passengers arriving at Los Cabos International Airport (SJD). Last year more than 3.5 million passengers were checked through immigration, serviced by 25 different airlines arriving from the mainland, United States and Canada. Currently there are nine high rise construction cranes lifting heavy materials for seven high rise hotels under construction between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. Within the last six months a new toll road connecting the airport and Cabo cuts the travel time to the airport in half with more improvements underway.


The Los Cabs area is located on the very southern tip of the 1200 mile long Baja Peninsula. It is blessed by clear, warm Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez waters, gentle breezes and 300 plus days of sunshine. The area has become a haven for multitudes of vacationers seeking escape from the harsh winter weather in the North. These are the enjoyable reasons for coming.

Let’s talk about the practical reasons. Los Cabos is within a 2-3-hour plane flight from 200 million people in America all looking for an adventure. Either a vacation that averages seven sunny days drinking margaritas sea side, or more importantly, a complete lifestyle change where you can have a slower, nicer and more relaxed every day.

At one point you probably have inquired about information concerning a fractional share at a The Resort at Pedregal (formerly Capella Pedregal) or information about a vacation home in our beautiful community Pedregal, or perhaps, even a lot to build your own home to your needs. The luxury real estate market is always cyclic and the one in Cabo San Lucas is no different. All economic indicators are pointing to an upswing that has not been experienced here in 15 year.


The proof is in the pudding. Take Casa Colibri with its unbeatable Pacific Ocean view location for an astonishing price of $885,000 USD. If you were to invest in this home, you’d not only get the best of your money, but a haven for you to enjoy a front row seat to the sunset.

Feel intrigued? Interested? I’d be more than happy to help. Send me an email to to schedule a tour of your future home.

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