Medical care and other things when living in Cabo

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by Frank Maury

One of the most interesting things that my 20+ years of experience in real estate in Cabo has given me, is the wide variety of questions that are asked by the people we all come in contact with. Over the years, the questions tend to change but the topics seem to always be on everyone’s mind. In addition to inquiries regarding the mechanics of purchasing property, what is always brought up is: What’s it like to live here? What happens if we get into an accident or become ill? What kind of insurance is available? These are questions that have a wide scope of answers but it’s always beneficial to focus on individual situations.

A U.S. citizen that is planning on slowing down or completely retiring is going to find that Medicare is not going to cover your needs in Mexico, so some sort of supplemental plan will be required to cover ex-pats living out of their native country. The good news is there is a variety of companies that do just that. First Health Services from Indiana or NovaMar from Florida, will issue you a policy that covers your needs while living in a foreign country. Sky Med Worldwide provides Medivac air service to all cities in the U.S., however, if you decide to purchase property in Cabo and live here permanently or most of the time, the companies I’ve mentioned above cover you in all of the facilities in the Los Cabos area as well, and some of them are extremely competent.

Cabo San Lucas has grown up not just in real estate but amenities and services as well; available consumer goods are everywhere and so is the adequate medical care that can cover it all.

As a Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas full-time resident and real estate advisor, I can humbly say I’ve become more than just expert in real estate sales in the area. It’s become our job to help you with all your life questions in paradise!

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