10 reasons to hire an Architect

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By Architect Fernando Felix, from Riveras Building by MCA

If you feel sick, you go to a doctor. If you need a new dress made, you go to a tailor. So if you’ve dreamed of your perfect home in Los Cabos, you go to a professional that can design it based on your needs. A little obvious yes, but still, never stressed enough. That’s why we present you the top ten reasons why you should always hire an architect when it comes to build or renovate a property.

1. DREAMS COME TRUE. A good & skilled architect can guide you to transform your dreams into a reality. Architects see the big picture and help you develop and integrate your list of requirements of both “needs and wants” with the rest of every other complex items in order to create what you’ve always dreamed.

2. QUALIFIED AND EDUCATED. Architects are qualified, educated, trained and tested in a different variety of designing areas including aesthetics, ergonomics, sociology, ecology, law, building guidelines, construction materials and technology. All of these add up to the final value of your property.

3. CREATIVE & ELEGANT SOLUTIONS. Architects are not overrated when it comes to designing buildings that are both functional and beautiful. An architect will be able to show you plenty of alternatives that you maybe have not considered as possible in the past.

4. COMMUNICATION. An architect has experience and effective communication skills through written word, drawing skills and important terms to fully and wholeheartedly establish communication with clients, contractors, suppliers, engineers and authorities for any needed situation.

5. EXPERIENCE. Most architects consider architecture being a passion rather than a profession. They draw based on past experiences. They belong to the design/construction community but with all kinds of contacts, including contractors, suppliers, etc.

6. MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER. An experienced architect can help you make the right decisions in space planning, materials, finishes and to transform your general ideas into an easily understandable visual scheme.

7. AN ARCHITECT IS COST EFFECTIVE. A well designed, elaborate and coordinated project is by far the most effective option for you before you begin construction. Any modification to the project made on paper during the design phase is much cheaper than to make it during construction.

8. ARCHITECTURE IS A GOOD INVESTMENT. This one is easy enough for everyone to understand: a well-design project offers a higher resale market value which will only increase overtime.

9. FRIENDLY ARCHITECTURE. A qualified architect works with nature to create sustainable areas, energy saving and eco-friendly options.

10. ARCHITECTURE GUIDE. An architect can guide you through an entire project as your personal advisor and make it an enjoyable experience. He can assist you with every item within your project: from choosing the right lot (considering its site, orientation, views, etc), working all the city permits, design guidelines and especially, its construction administration. Even when you begin a project from the ground up or remodel an existing space, an architect will be able to help the project run nicely during each stage to avoid any non-desired surprises.

Not convinced? Let us show you what a professional and good architect in Baja California Sur can do for you. Send us an email to ffelix@riverasbuilding.com

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