Important tips to consider when renovating a property

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By Architect Fernando Felix

When you think about remodeling/renovations you are always looking to enhance or optimize what you already have.  It is important to consider some tips to avoid falling into traps that can be expensive. Renovation or remodeling should get the best of a property with both aesthetic and economic successes and increase its market value. A clear example is not to leave pending details or failures that may damage other parts of the building or pose security risks. Here are some recommendations in order to achieve a favorable result when it comes to renovating a property in Baja California Sur.

1.    Quality paint.

It is not enough to just apply a coat of paint; you must prepare and/or repair the surface prior to it to really make it better. Check for cracks and fix them. If necessary, seek advice about the product(s) suitable for your needs and what you want the final result to look like. Another important consideration is to clean walls and ceilings to remove mildew stains or salt and apply a suitable sealant to prevent these breaking through the new paint. Finally, consider buying good quality materials for lasting results. Just remember: the results you get will be directly proportional to the quality you are paying for.


2.    Obvious defects.

Small or large, the renovations are not negotiable. You always have to pay attention to the little details, otherwise these will be even more noticeable than before. It seems simple and obvious, but it is a common mistake that people overlook small things such as broken tiles or a leaky faucet mixer in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink.

3.    “Express” repairs.

The old trick to hide an imperfection or a crack with a picture or mirror does not fool anyone. “Express” work casts a shadow over everything else while at the same time it transmits discomfort and projects a feeling of something else not being quite right. If you plan to sell or rent your house, you should know that improvised work will only scare off your potential customers.

4.    Spend what is necessary.

A realistic budget always helps to make a successful remodeling. Exceeding a budget is one of the most common errors in all types of remodeling. Running out of cash can stop the work for months and discourage the most enthusiastic customer to the point of not wanting to know anything else regarding the property. The advice is to be realistic when setting the budget and above all, put a limit to it. Not to exceed it at the slightest provocation is the challenge to overcome… and will be a successful one if your contractor is professional and advises you well. Remember, less is more. Make a list, divide it into negotiable and non-negotiable items: a new ceiling is an essential project but not a new lounge living area; that is, it would be ideal to invest on it, but not fundamental. On the other hand, it is necessary to always be prepared for the unexpected; perhaps what seems to be an easy task may be complicated and requires intervention of specialized people. Always allocate 20% of the budget to the unforeseen and avoid unexpected surprises.

5.    Wanting to be fashionable.

Sometimes we become obsessed with being fashionable and be up with the latest trends, but it is important to note that it is not worth it. Remember, as the more fashionable the project is, the more outdated it will be over time. It is best to opt for a classic or traditional design that does not go out of fashion so quickly and combines with the essence of the building, space and especially with your personality. Timeless choices are always great choices. Keep in mind that the compensation obtained from the remodeling will increase if done with good planning and budgeting, making the property look and work better, plus, it will be surer to produce a reasonable return on your investment.

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