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Riveras Building by MCA combines experience in real estate development and construction of two companies that have forged a name as the experts in quality residential projects in the Los Cabos area. This merge provides professional and personalized service for the construction and renovation of any type of work. Architect Fernando Felix is the manager of this venture and offers over 12 years’ experience in design and construction in Los Cabos.

Where are you from and how long have you been in the area?
I was born in Culiacan Sinaloa and I am a resident of Cabo San Lucas since June 2003.

Tell us more about your experience designing and building properties.
My experience as an architect has been mainly in the residential beach area, or as usually called: second homes in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the designing, construction and renovation of residences in all the major residential communities in Los Cabos (Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, Querencia, Puerto Los Cabos, Cabo del Sol, Palmilla, El Dorado, among others).


What do you take in consideration in order to design a project?
The most important thing is definitely the customer and his/her needs. Secondly it is important to consider the geographical location of the land and possible views, what is the interaction with the environment, consider all building restrictions & regulations and take advantage of the terrain to the maximum. When it comes to remodeling the same thing applies: we must aim to obtain the most benefit from the existing project and its’ potential

Tell us a little more about Riveras Building and the services it provides.
The main objective is to provide comprehensive services for development and construction, which includes land environment consultant and analysis, help answering questions, satisfy doubts about the process and especially, to oversee and manage the construction project until delivery of the final product.

Why MCA associated with Riveras Group?
In an analysis of the Los Cabos area, considering MCA’s experience in design and construction and with the objective of expanding horizons, we sought a real estate leader and developer with experience and knowledge. Grupo Riveras has more than 40 years in Los Cabos with the expertise of the residential communities of Pedregal Cabo San Lucas and Pedregal La Paz, which are synonymous with tradition, luxury and lifestyle. The partnership between the two claims to offer more than just construction and development, but a functional and optimal service.

What makes Riveras Building different?
The combined experience in the area allows us to offer knowledge, human attention and an attentive support team.


From your perspective, what are the main advantages of building from scratch?
The main advantage would be to take into consideration all the requirements the customer needs, plus, every single feature of the property is made to fit and are developed to his/hers needs.

On the other hand, if I do not want to build, why remodeling a property could be a good idea?
A remodeling construction is always an excellent opportunity to take the best of what  already exists  improve upon it’s, potential and solve problems or details long overdue. We cannot forget that it is also the perfect time to give a new, more modern look to something already done.

What should be the basic guidelines to remodel a project?
Define the needs and desires of the client and to look for the most cost-effective situation to give greater value to your property.

What would you recommend to those wishing to build in Los Cabos?
Search for experienced and reputable builders, contractors and/or professional architects with good references and a client commitment. If all of this is within a single company you’ve hit the Jackpot! The most ideal situation is when one person is responsible and accountable for the entire project, beginning to end.

For more information about the many ways Riveras Building by MCA can help you, contact Architect Fernando Felix at

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