What an Architect should know

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After several years working as an architect, both in design and construction, I have had the pleasure to collaborate with different kind of clients; each one with different needs, some of them only need help with a drawing, an idea, an advice, a casual talk; something to help them to bring their ideas on the table; at least that’s what they say.

On a clear personal perception, what clients, family and friends really need, goes further than only an informal/casual talk. What they really require is a person with basic knowledge, at least on administration, anthropometry, astronomy, plastic arts, carpentry, decoration, balance, electricity, photometry, geometry, lighting, isoptic, mathematics, medicine, psychology, sense of volumetric; must know about colors, prices, know manufacturers, materials, products, suppliers, construction systems, technology, timing and activities scheduling; in addition, it is necessary to have moral values ​​as adaptability, competitiveness, creativity, trust, devotion, discipline, discretion, education, efficiency, empathy, enthusiasm, ethics, excellence, gratitude, honesty, humility, honor, intelligence, integrity, intuition, maturity, loyalty, obedience, obsession, passion, patience, expertise, perseverance, prudence, responsibility, security, simplicity, serenity, solidarity, teamwork, tolerance, transparency, vision among many others. As an architect, we must know how analyze, assure, assess, advise, understand, communicate, care, draw, decide, execute, choose, listen, express, guide, speak, impose, innovate, perform, and know how to sell. It is necessary to be self-critical, coherent, conscientious, determined, elegant, idealistic, inexhaustible, mediator, obligated, optimistic, persistent, helpful, simple, subtle, practical and is very important to know how to get out of the comfort zone and ideals to please our customers.

These are probably the most important reasons why, hiring an architect could be a very good idea to achieve the wishes and client’s needs.

By Arq. Fernando Felix / General Manager / Riveras Building


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