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Last week we had the privilege of releasing an adult Oliver Ridley Sea Turtle at Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas’ Beach. In conjunction with the H. XII Ayuntamiento de Los Cabos and Organización SyCOMA, we named the turtle Moosni, which means Turtle of Baja California in the Seri language of Sonora. The name was submitted by Jesus Montaño, an 11 year old student from Colegio El Camino; Jesus was really excited to be part of this project and is eager to become an agent of change in our community.


Jesus Montaño, an honorary member of Organizacion SyCOMA

Several families gathered at the beach where we were able to learn about the relevance of the proper care and conservation of the turtles; and after we bade Moosni goodbye, it was time for us to release turtle hatchlings! It was the first time for many who got to enjoy how these tiny animals are eagerly drawn to the sea.


Just a week has passed and Moosni is surprising us greatly! It has swam over 196 km and is located at 158 km from where it was first released. Opposite to what has been known for an olive ridley sea turtle (they usually tend to swim towards Sinaloa, Nayarit and Jalisco), Moosni keeps swimming up north and is believed that is going towards Bahía de Ulloa, north of Magdalena Bay, an area unfortunately known for its high mortality rate of sea turtles. We will continue to follow her up close and analyze her behavior, which will help greatly now only with the sea turtle studies but with the preservation of that particular area. It has been a great honor for the developer of Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas to be part of Moosni’s incredible journey that began that evening at the beach.


Moosni’s location, 24 hrs ago

This important project is also being observed by several high school students of Colegio El Camino. Together, with the support of the Programa para la Protección de la Tortuga Marina del H. XII Ayuntamiento de Los Cabos and Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias AC, have developed a studying program which includes:

•    An instructive session about environmental education
•    A workshop where students are certified as instructors and trainers so they can riposte the information and they too become more aware and conscious of the impact of the sea turtle in our daily lives

We are happy to say that this is just the beginning of a project that will teach us many things, but most importantly, will help spread the word about the importance of the proper care and conservation of the sea life.

If you want to follow Moosni, click here or send Jennifer Powell an email to Jennifer has been working with SyCOMA in turtle preservation and is certified to take care of this incredible animal.

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