Pedregal Cares! Helping after the storm

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Dear Homeowner,

The effect Hurrican Odile had in our beautiful cities is well known; our passion for Cabo and admiration for our neighbors is stronger than ever!

One of the many effects are the losses that many of the Pedregal employees have suffered: from security guards and gardeners to housekeeping maintenance, many have lost everything they had, their homes are completely gone, andf they and their children have no clothes and nowhere to sleep. Their everyday dedication and help are an important element of this incredible place we can call home. There is a count of over 50 employees that need our much needed help.

In an effort to support them, the Diaz Rivera Family has created a relief fund called PEDREGAL CARES to help build and improve homes for Pedregal security guards, gardeners, maintenance workers and housekeepers that have worked in our community for a period of time. This Fund is a 100% volunteer effort being chaired by Pedregal residents that include Jennifer Powell and Lisa Breen.

If you would like to help rebuild their homes, please go to this site to make any donations as anything will help bring a smile back to their faces.

Or if you prefer to donate in kind, please see following list of items to donate and instructions to do so:

Powdered Milk

Bottled water

Instant Soup

Canned food / Goods

Nonperishable foods

Corn and wheat flour


Hydrogen Peroxide

Electrolyte Solution




Rubbing Alcohol

Antibacterial Gel

Neutral Soap





Cleaning Products (Buckets, Brooms, Soap, etc)

Articles for personal Hygiene (Toilet paper, feminine products, diapers, baby wipes, etc)

All donations can be sent to:

Leslie Bost – Cubretex

2295 Paseo de Las Americas Suite 20

San Diego, CA 92154

Ph 619.370.9186

If you are not in Mexico, importer Jaime Flores, from Cubretex, has joined our efforts and has kindly offered to bring everything down to Cabo.

We are conducting interviews with all workers in Pedregal and will be sending a blog format with their individual story, for those interested in knowing who you are helping, and here are some familiar faces you’d be helping:

Cuahutemoc Lavandera

Cuahutemoc Lavandera

Juan Carlos Cezzares

Juan Carlos Cezzares

Thank you again for your interest and concern for our beautiful community! Let’s spread the word and help us bring relief by forwarding this message.

Juan Diaz Rivera



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