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For all of you that have diligently helped Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas workers rebuild their homes after Hurricane Odile hit us,  here are some of the names and faces that will benefit from your donation. Once again, on their behalf, we send you our appreciation for your generous help.


Meet Juan Zuniga Morales who has worked in the maintenance department here in Pedregal for the past 14 years. He used to live in Valle del Cabo, but lost his home and all of his possessions. He wears a size 5.5 Mex shoe (believe it is a 7 US), pant size is 30 x 32, and he wears a small/medium shirt. He wore the same clothes to work for the last two weeks since he lost his home in the hurricane.


Eloy Bernabe Ortega has worked here in Pedregal for over 15 years in the maintenance department. His home escaped without much damage, but he needs to replace his small refrigerator and needs new work shoes in size 7 US or 5.5 Mex.


Maribel Guerrero who has worked in Pedregal for the past 14 years in the main offices, in maintenance. She lives in Lomas del Faro and lost one wall of her house and part of the roof. She needs cement block to help her rebuild and feel safe again.


Most of you will recognize Jorge Luis González from our security department. He has worked in here for 7 years and lives in Jardines del Sol. His house was not badly damaged, but he lost windows, his balcony was knocked over and he could use help making those repairs so his family is safe and comfortable.


Juan Carlos Cezzares

Meet Juan Carlos Cezzares from security, who has worked here in Pedregal for the past 12 years. He lives in Acuario and the only damage his home suffered was the loss of both of his water tanks (1,100 liters each).

Cuahutemoc Lavandera

Cuahutemoc Lavandera is a relative newcomer to the Pedregal security team. He has worked here for just over a year now, and lives in La Palma. He had broken windows, damage to some walls, lost his water tank and his stove was ruined.


Meet Jesus Carmona, who works in the maintenance department and has worked here for 9 years. He was living in Gastelum, which was one of the hardest hit areas here in Cabo. He lost his home and everything in it. He has a wife and 3 children (ages 5, 8 and 14). Jesus needs concrete block to rebuild, a 1,100 liter tank and clothes. Shoe size 7.5 Mex, pants size 34 x 32, and medium shirts.


“Rito” Hernández has worked here in the maintenance department for the past 10 years. He lives in Mesa Colorada and feels very lucky that he only lost the cover of his car park! He could use a pair of size 6 (Mex) work boots.


Oscar Cisneros has worked here in Pedregal in the maintenance department for over 12 years. He lives in Lomas del Sol, and has broken windows. The wind and rain ruined one of his dressers. He lives with his wife and 3 children (boy-3yrs, boy-12 yrs and girl-16yrs). Oscar could use a pair of size 7 (Mex) workboots.


Ram López has worked in the maintenance department for the past 5 years. He lives in Acuario with his mother and brother where they lost their roof, windows, and their 1,100 liter water tank. He wears a Medium shirt, pants 30 x 32, and size 6.5-7 Mex shoes.

The link to donate and continue helping after these marvelous people is this All donations are welcome!

Or if you prefer to help in kind, feel free to bring it to Pedregal’s Homeowners Association Office (HOA) or Pedregal Real Estate Sales Office  by the CFE headquarters.

For more information about Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas lifestyle & Real Estate and other ways to Help, contact us at or call us at +52.624.1430202


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