Pedregal Cabo Cares Update – Gift card delivery!

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Last Friday was an emotional day for all of us at Pedregal Cares. We delivered the first set of Gift Cards to Pedregal employees! One by one, security guards, gardeners and maintenance people came and we were able to give them a Soriana card that will help them buy immediate needs such as groceries, appliances and other essentials items lost during Odile. Here are some pictures:

Pedregal Cares Gift Cards 007

Pedregal Cares Gift Cards 006

Pedregal Cares Gift Cards 005

Pedregal Cares Gift Cards 004

Pedregal Cares Gift Cards 002

We also would like to thank everyone that has sent all sorts of goods to our importer in San Diego. Donations in kind have been amazing! We received and delivered three big boxes that included bedding, clothes, medicine and more. Many more boxes are on the way for this week!



Thank you to everyone that has donated and all that continue to donate. Our importer Jaime Flores from Cubretex will continue bringing goods and our GoFundMe account continues open for everyone that wishes to contribute for the benefit of all Pedregal employees. Remember we now have other donation options:



Please send any checks to the following address:

Leslie Bost Diaz Rivera

500 W Harbor Dr

Unit 124

San Diego, CA 92101

The checks must be made out to Leslie Ann Llaca Bost or Juan Diaz Rivera.


Or you can do a wire transfer directly to Wells Fargo – please let us know name, day and amount of deposit.


Account Number # 7372655964

Routing number # 121 000 248


Please go to this site to make any donations by credit cards – ANYTHING HELPS!


Any donations in kind please send here:

Leslie Bost

C/O Cubretex

2295 Paseo de Las Americas

Suite 20

San Diego, CA 92154

Ph 619.370.9186


Please share the Gofundme Pedregal Cares Relief Fund link with friends, family and social media.


Thank you again!

Leslie Bost Diaz Rivera



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  1. […] appliances and essentials lost during Odile. Please read more about this event on Pedrgeal Blog . $177,000 MXP was used to purchase the cards, about $13,615 […]

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