Sano Nutrition program at El Rincon del Pedregal

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The Club El Rincon del Pedregal Spa & Gym would like to invite you to a sunset cocktail and present you the partnership and benefits of Sano Nutrition.

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Sano Nutrition is a company that provides nutrition counseling and expertise to clients of all ages, all shapes, all sizes. Their programs provide a basic on nutrition, what it is, and how to get your nutrition and diet on track. They also have programs on weight loss, weight gain, programs for kids, detox kits and cleanses, but most importantly customized meal plans. Sano Nutrition is virtual, meaning that it goes wherever the client goes because all the work takes place online. Programs begin face-to-face and then transition online so that everything works around the client’s schedule, whether they’re on holiday, too busy to schedule a follow-up, whatever, so its nutrition on their time. Clients get 24/7 access to our nutritionist, Stephanie Mirich, to ask questions, change mean plans, everything.

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As a new company in Cabo, Sano Nutrition sought out other businesses in the health and wellness industry in hopes of partnering and working together to offer people the full package that caters to the entire body; and El Rincon has the gym, spa and salon to take care of the outside of the body, while Sano has the certified nutritionist with over 10 years’ experience to help take care of the inside of the body—the whole body. Currently,  Stephanie and Moduvated currently operate the nutrition program for Colegio El Camino in Pedregal.


At the event there will be light fare, wine, drinks, a raffle to benefit Casa Hogar, and some free giveaways!

So make sure to set your calendars for Friday, November 8th at 5.00 PM.


For more information about the amenities at The Club at El Rincon, Sano Nutrition and the Open House, send us an email to:

Paola Gonzalez – The Club Manager theclub@pedregal.con  Stephanie Mirich –  or call us to 624.143.4432



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