Pedregal Cares November Relief Updates

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Dear Friends, Family & Pedregal Owners.

We want to THANK YOU for all of you donations, contributions and help to date for Pedregal Cares’ Odile Relief Fund. Two months after Hurricane Odile, our beautiful town is quickly recovering and your help has been part of this process. We have received 30 boxes + with donations in kind and $54,637 USD in cash donations, plus $3700 USD more in pledges. This is amazing! THANK YOU

We also would like to thank the HOA for allowing us to use their offices for all donations in kind and being part of the distribution on donation days. Thank you to other home owners or individuals that have offered physical help, specifically to David, an architect and employee at the HOA office who has offered his free time to help supervise the constriction of the homes. David has been amazing and we applaud his efforts and help!

Donation Center PC 1

Donation Center PC 3

With the intent of transparency and communication, we would like to share with you the Pedregal Cares Mission, Vision & Values, as well as everything that has been done to date with your generous donations and the next short term and long term goals the board has set forth.


To coordinate the Pedregal Community to improve the lives of those in need by providing safe dwellings and improved educational opportunities in Cabo San Lucas.

We intend to do this on a need-based manner, prioritizing the following order:

Pedregal Colonos Employees – Our security guards, maintenance workers and gardeners.

Employees of Home Owners – A homeowner can nominate a household employee to receive support through Pedregal Cares. The request will be reviewed by the Board of PC and on a case-by-case basis, assistance based on needs will be determined.

Outside community– Community outside of our neighborhood, Cabo San Lucas as a whole.


A Cabo San Lucas where the Pedregal Community’s assistance provides greater opportunities and improved quality of life for generations to come.

Philosophy and Values

100% volunteer based, transparency, communication, integrity, centered around the community’s houses and education. We look to creating a lasting legacy of improvement for our community by the Pedregal Community.

Pedregal Cares hopes to focus on a different initiative on a regular basis. Its inaugural focus is the Odile Relief Fund, which thus far has helped generate in cash and in kind donations to help employees of the Pedregal HOA.

Brief Summary of distributions:

Donations in Kind 

To date all donations in kind have been given to Pedregal Colonos employees at our donation center. The donation center has been open since October (every Friday from 2-4pm) and is dictated by the amount of things that have arrived in Cabo. Our importer Jaime Flores from Cubretex has been kind enough to donate the importation and shipping services. Currently, we have three boxes of clothes that Pedregal Colonos Employees did not need, many are women’s clothes and we would like to invite employees of any home owner to pick out items of clothing at the Pedregal office so that we can distribute the clothes. If you would like your employees to receive any donations in kind, please send us an email and we will review your case on a need basis, as mentioned above in part of our mission. Once we have the amount of employees coming, we will set a date to open the center.


Cash Donations

  • Immediate Relief- Soriana Grocery Store gift cards. In October, each security guard and maintenance worker received a gift card of $2,000 pesos for use at Soriana or/and City Club, plus an additional $1,000 per person in the household the employee is responsible for. These cards helped buy immediate needs such as groceries, appliances and essentials lost during Odile. Please read more about this event in here. $177,000 MXP was used to purchase the cards, about $13,615 USD
  • Water tanks – Tinacos: 14 workers lost their water tanks. Water tanks are their only source of water, as the areas where they live have no water services. The tanks are for 1100 liters and will be available for pick up this week (November 25-28th). We received a 30% discount from the Rotoplas water tank manufacturers thanks to our board member Lourdes Porras. The price per tinaco was $1034 pesos apiece + 16% tax, totaling in $16,792.16 MXP ($1,292 USD).
  • Construction updates – Members of the Board visited the homes of 8 workers, of the 10 that need to be rebuilt. Two of the employees could not join us on the day homes were visited so the remaining homes will be visited on Wednesday November 26th. The 8 assed homes have all been mapped out on Google Earth (image attached) and have been located on a high risk area map. This process initially took longer as expected, as we did not have access to the governmental “high risk area map”. The homes that will be built on current properties of workers will ONLY be built if they are not in high risk/danger zones. We hope another hurricane will not hit Cabo again but as we all know, we cannot control the weather, therefore we must ensure the homes built are situated in safe zones where there are no arroyos or mud slides. Out of the 8 homes we visited, 7 homes are in a ‘safe’ zone and will be eligible for construction. This is exciting as we initially thought the majority would need to be relocated, which would prolong the building process. The home that is in the highest risk zone cannot be re-built, yet we plan to re-locate that family to another area.

Casa 1 PC

  • Next week marks the initial stages of construction, starting with Raul’s roof – Raul is one of our security guards and he received initial help from public interest housing but needs help finishing his two-bedroom-home. All materials have been quoted and we have received a great discount from a local block company.

Casa 3 PC

What’s next?

After all homes have been built, we plan to continue Pedregal Cares, based on our Mission above. We know there is a lot that can be done for our community as a whole and we are excited about the possibilities. The process to become a donataria in Mexico has been started, yet it takes time. We will keep you updated on this front.

We would like to invite any Cabo resident or Pedregal homeowner to participate in any way you can! We are excited about the progress and the again would like to thank all that have helped thus far. Thank you!


We have opened a Wells Fargo account dedicated specifically for Pedregal Cares needs and it will be administrated by our board member, Dawn Solomon and I. Please send any checks to the following address:

Leslie Bost Diaz Rivera

500 W Harbor Dr

Unit 124

San Diego, CA 92101

The checks must be made out to Leslie Ann Llaca Bost or Juan Diaz Rivera.

Or you can do a wire transfer directly to Wells Fargo – please let us know name, day and amount of deposit.

Account Number # 7372655964

Routing number # 121 000 248

Please go to this site to make any donations by credit cards – ANYTHING HELPS!

Donations in kind will be stopped for now. Thank you to all that sent boxes!

Please share the Gofundme Pedregal Cares Relief Fund link with friends, family and social media.

Thank you again!

Leslie Bost de Diaz Rivera on behalf of Pedregal Cares

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