Building VS buying a home in Pedregal

Could building be your best option? Clients frequently ask us about buying a lot and building, versus buying a resale or new construction home. There are several factors to consider when weighing these options. Are you looking for a home…

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Cozy-up Your Space This Winter

cozy up your space this winter

Since prehistoric times, us humans have always tried to make the space where we live make us feel safe. The word “cozy” can mean many different things depending on who you ask, but generally speaking, it means comfort, contentment, warmth,…

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Sportfishing in Los Cabos

sport fishing in los cabos

Los Cabos is located at the end of the Baja California Peninsula, and has become a mecca for sportfishing lovers around the world. Once a sleepy fishing village, Los Cabos has evolved into a thriving city attracting visitors from around…

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Upcoming Events in Los Cabos

upcoming events in los cabos

 There are many events in Los Cabos that might make you want to leave the pool for a bit. Here’s your guide of events held in Los Cabos from now until the end of 2019:

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Make Your House Go Green

make you house go green

Many believe that doom is inevitable at this point and there’s no use in even trying. But don’t sit around and wait for the end to come, or start building your bunker, instead, make your house eco-friendlier. Don’t worry you…

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Top 5 Wellness Retreats Around the World

top retreats around the world

Are you stressed out? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you tired? If you answered yes to any of the above, this one’s for you. Sometimes our daily routines become just too much to handle, commuting to work, feeding the dog,…

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The Best Beaches in La Paz

best beaches in La Paz

When thinking of a great beach there are several elements that come to mind: warm weather, a cove or a bay, clear water in different shades of blue, white sand, few people, cleanness, and quietness. I’m sure there could be…

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Landscaping Dos and Don’ts-Desert Edition

landscaping cabo san lucas

The idea of landscaping can be daunting, especially when living in Baja where the heat is unbearable; however, the benefits of landscaping when done right, are well worth the work (it can actually increase your property value drastically up 28%).…

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Make Your Pets Feel at Home Too

Make your pets feel at home too

Did you know that there is non-alcoholic “wine” for pets called Pawsecco? Me neither. The days of 5-minute dog walks around the block and eating scraps are over. Our pampered furry friends are living better lives than we are, I…

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