The Best Beaches in La Paz

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When thinking of a great beach there are several elements that come to mind: warm weather, a cove or a bay, clear water in different shades of blue, white sand, few people, cleanness, and quietness. I’m sure there could be more elements on your list, but let’s stick with those.

I bet that when visiting a beach in Florida or Cancun you may find some of the previously mentioned elements, but not all. Well, guess what? What if I told you there is a place that offers all of the above? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, every single one of those elements.

Los Cabos is great and all, but if you want to get away from the crowds and the Pacific Ocean and truly unwind and relax, La Paz is the perfect destination.

Thanks to its location along the Sea of Cortez coastline, it has many paradisiacal beaches, each with its own special features. The capital of Baja California Sur might not be as popular as Cabo or Cancun, but it’s a real gem for beach lovers around the world. The best part about these beaches is that they’re practically deserted. I mean, this is insider’s information.

I’m about to let you in on a local secret by telling you about these blissful places. Whether you’re looking for a great place to kayak, Robinson Crusoe-worthy coves, a sunbathing sanctuary, a goldmine of seashells, the clearest water you’ve ever seen, our beaches will literally knock your socks off (so you can dig your toes in the sand!).

It was very hard to make the cut, but here are some of our favorite beaches in La Paz:


Pichilingue La Paz BCS


Pichilingue is about 15 minutes from downtown. Its waters are a beautiful turquoise blue. This beach has two small restaurants and also a place to rent kayaks (this beach is a kayaker’s dream). It’s great for swimming and kayaking. If you want to enjoy this beach completely deserted, I recommend you go during the week, you will have the place to yourself. One of the best features of this beach is its little dock, great for pictures with an all-blue background. I’ve been sitting here for the past five minutes trying to put into words how beautiful the sunsets are at this beach, but I simply cannot. It is something you’ll have to witness yourself.


Balandra, La Paz BCS


Balandra is La Paz’s most famous attraction. If you’ve seen a picture of a beach from La Paz, chances are it was a picture of Balandra. It isn’t only one of Mexico’s best beaches, it’s world renowned, we’re talking about the elites. With pristine white sands and blue shallow waters, Balandra is perfect for relaxing. There are palapas available and a stand where you can buy refreshments. But, I highly recommend taking your own cooler with snacks and drinks, and a beach umbrella because lately this particular beach has been packed due to its popularity. When visiting Balandra, you have to check out the mushroom-shaped rock which has made Balandra famous. Be sure to drag your feet when walking in the waters because stingrays tend to hide in the sand.


El Tecolote, La Paz BCS
El Tecolote

El Tecolote means “the owl” and its name is due to a rock overlooking the beach in the shape of the owl. This beach is very different from the others. During spring, it’s somewhat of a party beach like el Medano without the high prices and crowds. There are palapas, restaurants, stands, and vendors selling fresh fruit and popsicles. What makes this beach different from the others is the fact that the waters get deep close to shore, therefore, its ideal for swimming. Additionally, there are places on this beach where you can rent kayaks and jet skis. You will have a blast!

Ensenada Grande, Isla Espiritu Santo, La Paz BCS

Ensenada Grande

If you go to La Paz, you have to visit the Isla Espiritu Santo, no question about it. Even if it’s the only thing you do on your whole trip, its breath-taking beauty will leave you in awe. When walking on the Malecón (La Paz’s beach walk) you can find many people selling trips to the island. However, I recommend looking for little tourist shops that sell the trips, they are a bit more expensive, but more comfortable and reliable. You set off from the Malecón and enjoy a nice boat ride while the captain and staff tell you about the many animals and legends our dreamy lands offer. Then, depending on the time of year, you might be able to swim with seal pups. Finally, you will arrive to Ensenada Grande, the island’s most famous beach. It’s approximately one hour away from La Paz. Its waters are so clear you can see every speck of sand. When on the island, the staff offers a yummy lunch and equipment to snorkel. Snorkeling here is great for everyone, because waters are pretty shallow. You can see many species of sea animals of different sizes and colors. I dare to say that the island is the most beautiful attraction of our city and it’s totally worth the trip.

El Saltito, La Paz BCS

El Saltito

El Saltito beach is 40 minutes away from La Paz. The highway to get there has an incredible view of the beach with spots where you can pull over and take pictures. What makes this beach so special is that it’s quite different from the others. Its waters are different shades of blue, beginning in a light shade and finishing in vibrant turquoise. This beach is excellent for swimming; its waters are quite deep. Also, the sand is made up of little tiny rocks, which is great because all your stuff doesn’t get covered in sand. A main feature of this beach is a sunken ship pretty close to shore, a snorkeling adventure. What’s great about El Saltito is it’s always basically deserted and big enough so you have your own space even if there are people. You definitely have to check this beach out!

So there you have it, a guide to La Paz’s most awe-inspiring beaches. Enjoy!

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