Cozy-up Your Space This Winter

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Since prehistoric times, us humans have always tried to make the space where we live make us feel safe. The word “cozy” can mean many different things depending on who you ask, but generally speaking, it means comfort, contentment, warmth, and relaxation. Now that the mornings and evenings are a bit cooler, and winter is around the corner there is no better time to spread some coziness around your house! The best part about it is that you can cozy-up any space with just a few touches! Here are a few ways to spark some ideas to make your home cozier for the winter:

New Bedding

In the summer, we tend to go for crisp sheets. To cozy up for winter use textures like jersey and flannel for those cold nights. Add a throw blanket or quilt at the foot of your bed for a little extra something!

Add Throws & Pillows

The perfect excuse to finally splurge on throw pillows! Add furry throw pillows to your living room and bed to add a cozier vibe! Go for the fluffy ones, the velvet ones, and the ones with rich luxurious vibes! The best part about it is that you can never have too many throw pillows! I mean, technically you can, but you know what I mean. And let’s not forget throw blankets. Winter is the best time to curl up with a great book and a cup of tea, and when you get a little chilly cover up with a handy throw blanket! Not only will they keep you warm, they look great on display. Go for cashmere and flannel throws and place them around the house.


During the summertime we tend to go for more flat weave rugs but for winter it’s best to have a little more. If you don’t want to splurge on a giant area rug, buy smaller rugs and put them in strategic spots, like next to your bed, under a coffee table, in the hallway, and under your favorite reading chair.

Think about Soft Lighting

When it starts to get dark at 6 p.m., we are all tempted to hit the sack. But, to resist the urge, lighting will be your best friend. Instead of switching on the overhead lights, turn on table lights and lamps. Also, forget about harsh lighting, go for warm-toned LED lighting to get a candle-lit ambiance and keep you awake at least until 9 p.m. And if you want to go all in, light up the place with candles, group up a couple on a coffee table or nightstand!

Switch up Your Curtains

Say goodbye to soft linen curtains and say hello to heavy curtains or drapes which automatically make your space cozier and warmer. There is a study that shows that heavy drapes offer more warmth physically and mentally. Not only will they give out major cozy vibes they will insulate the room and block out cold air leaking through the windows, especially at night.


Greenery always looks great no matter what, and also seeing living things and being around them can actually reduce psychological stress! They also add a touch of freshness! If you’re lazy to care for actual plants, don’t fret and go for the fake ones!

Add Texture

Adding different textures to any space can make a huge difference, some ideas can be baskets, wood, fur, and tweed. “Burlap, twigs, stones, and minerals in rich tones, colors and finishes have a very warm feel. Even without a fireplace, adding a basket or array of twigs or birch logs to your living room is great way give it a cozy, modern cabin feel,” says interior designer Denise Gianna.

Books Are Your Best Friend

Books are truly magical, they teach us things, keep us entertained, and on top of it all they look amazing on display. Adding books to coffee tables, kitchen counters, and nightstands offer a personal touch of warmth to any space. You can even use the colors of the books to decorate your space! And the best part of it all is that you probably already have a ton at home! Cozying up on a budget!

Your Nose Matters Too

Yes, the visual elements matter, however, scents are very important when cozying up any space! We highly recommend burning candles to create a cozy ambiance! And if you’re not that into to burning candles, use essential oils. The best scents for coziness are cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves!

Add Personal Warmth

Nothing screams “uncozy” more than bare white walls! It’s important to warm up not only your body but your heart by adding personal touches to your house, like pictures with your loved ones from past holidays, or your favorite artwork! When cozying up, the more the merrier!

As you can tell making any space cozier is quite simple and you can use a lot of things you probably already have! With a few changes, you can make any room the perfect place to relax and hibernate during the cooler months!

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