An interview with Juan Diaz Rivera

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Continuing the celebration of the Fortieth Anniversary of Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, today we present an interview with Juan Diaz Rivera, member of the third generation of the Diaz Rivera family. Juan grew up on a par with the community while the development of the city marked his childhood with colorful adventures on both land and sea, which increased his passion for the area. Juan, son of Leticia and grandson of Architect Manuel, translates the founder’s vision and helps to implement it daily within Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas.

You grew up at the same time that Pedregal and Cabo did. What was your childhood like?
“It was surrounded by construction and changes, the entire area was, and still is, on a constant and positive change. Every day brought something new, and not just for me but for all of the residents in Cabo, it was very exciting to watch every house, hotel, bridge and other amenities be built. We went from being a small community to a world-class destination.”

Lifestyle and amenities are different now. Is there anything you miss?
“I really miss when we all knew each other… we were a small community where everybody participated in all the activities.”


Did you always know you would work in the real estate business?
“I did not! I thought I was going to dedicate myself to advertising, marketing, etc., but it is in my blood. When I was working for an advertising agency every time I was at my client’s office I couldn’t avoid to think of different uses for the building, for the area… all was taking me back to my roots, the development and marketing for a residential community, plus, I missed the unique lifestyle in Cabo San Lucas.”

How has real estate marketing changed with technology and the digital age?
“Everything changes, the response to the client must be faster because now, they require more information throughout simplicity. The client is looking to fulfill his/her needs and technology is now our best and most powerful ally to make it happen.”


In your opinion, how do you see the luxury real estate market in Los Cabos?
“Excellent, it continues to rise in addition to perennially keep improving at the needs and demands of its residents.”

What’s next for Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas?
“Improve, always improve for the benefit of the community and as a support to each resident, so they can feel comfortable and happy in their homes. There is no more reliable indicator than having the developer of Pedregal living here, thus ensures the prosperity of all that he has achieved throughout the past decades.”

If you would like to discuss with Juan about the different ways Los Cabos has and will continue to change, send him an email to

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