The Spa at Pedregal

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With a comforting Pacific Ocean view, the Spa at Pedregal presents an opportunity to leave everything behind and focus on what matters the most: you. Private and secluded, indulgence begins the moment you step in.

Patty Alvarez Frampton is a Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas resident and the manager of this facility catering to pamper all senses and help you find balance. We invited her to share with us the services and benefits of The Spa:

“I have always been a fan of fitness and wellbeing and was excited to create something wonderful to make it the best it can possibly be. I remember walking down the stairs for the first time at The Spa and like most views in Pedregal, I was in awe of such a magical space and the beautiful views. Right away I envisioned Yoga classes on the patio, a juice bar full of goodies and delights, a comfortable lap pool… the gym itself is like working out outside with a magnificent view! I was excited to try and create a welcoming environment where homeowners could come work out, have a smoothie or coffee on the patio and have a special place where they could get quality treatments from an attentive personnel”


“It has been a year now and I am very excited to have found the right team of like-minded people who are just as excited about fitness and wellbeing as I am and truly love what they do. Francisco, our personal trainer joined our team after Hurricane Odile and is working part time with us, as he is also at Palmilla, in San Jose. Gym members are excited to have a professional who could show them how to use the machines properly and answer any questions (no matter their complexity) while they exercise. He also started training some of our gym members and had exercise classes outside on the patio that were an instant hit. Francisco says: The Spa is a great location to start your day with a fitness class or a one on one session while enjoying a beautiful sunrise and a nice breeze from the Pacific


Francisco and some residents before a training session

“That was the best Massage I have ever had” is what we hear almost every time a client is checking out after a massage with Connie or Marisol. I am so fortunate to have these two talented, experienced therapeutic massage therapists. They LOVE what they do and that is what I think makes all the difference, both of them with at least 10 years’ experience. When asked what they love most about their job they both say “We can’t even call it a job. It’s not work when you love what you do” According to Connie, “stress is the number one cause of many of the major health issues that people have and a good massage can help soothe all of them.”


Marisol, Angie and Connie will greet you and make your experience unique

“Some of the new services we have added include a romantic sunset couple’s massage. It’s performed outside as the sun is setting over the Pacific, giving it an extra special feel. We have a great restorative soak/sports massage combo that includes a restorative bath soak with essential oils, mineral salts and therapeutic herbs, followed with a sports massage. Facials, mani & pedi are also a favorite as we use organic ingredients to enhance the comforting experience. I am passionate about finding companies that care about what goes IN each product and are equally obsessive about what says OUT. I am excited that I have found them with MIO skincare, ME bath and Eminence Organic Skin care line.

“I am proud of my team and what we have created together at The Spa at Pedregal. The smoothie/juice bar is being perfected as we speak and hope to have that running completely by October. Even if you’re not into working out at a gym, you can stop by on your morning walk and enjoy a smoothie while taking in the magnificent view. Meeting the residents has been great and I look forward to meeting you as well!”


Workout with a Pacific view!

To enjoy the facilities and get lost in their therapeutic services, call them at (624) 143.4432 or visit

Kind words:
My husband & I have been coming to the Spa at Pedregal for over three years now & love the convenience of being able to walk or take a short ride without leaving Pedregal. We’ve seen many changes but at present it is now a place that is welcoming & fun to work out. Under Patty Alvarez we’ve seen new furnishings around the pool & new programs for members as well as promotions & activities. After the hurricane we were lucky enough to have Francisco Villegas, a trainer from Palmilla come to work there & offer personal training & classes in full body workouts & core which have been great. He always seems to devise different & challenging workouts with a variety of activities that are always fun. Our other main activity is swimming laps on a daily basis & we find that getting fit at the Spa is both affordable & enjoyable with a spectacular Pacific view. We are so lucky to have these amenities just minutes from our home.    Frankie M – Pedregal Resident.

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  1. ric patterson says:

    hello to patty and angie-see you next winter

  2. Joan says:

    Will be happy to try it. Is drop in yoga available ?

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