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Experience, knowledge and passion are keys to success and the Pedregal Realty family is proud to have as a valuable member an agent that applies these elements into each day, a veteran real estate professional in Los Cabos, Joanie Feinstein.

Without a doubt, Joanie has been a cornerstone in Los Cabos real estate for decades by helping many people enjoy and live in this seaside heaven. Imagine how many stories she can tell, how many people have shaken her hand and how many more have signed happily into their new home in paradise. A journey that started as a vacation has turned into her dream home/job. Would you like to know more about her? Keep on reading.

Joanie Feinstein

When did you first come to Cabo? 31 years ago I took a vacation to what it was a coastal fisherman’s village… and pretty much never left.

Why did you stay? I come from Chicago and having traveled all around the world I fell in love with Cabo’s fascinating weather, the ocean and its beaches and most importantly, the charm of a small town with the warmth and friendliness of the people living here.

Was it difficult for a foreigner to live in the area? Is still difficult now? I did not find it so. Back then there were some inconveniences that turned into adventures, such as making a trip to La Paz every couple of weeks for supplies and communicating by hand held radio! I look back on all of it with very fond memories and always have good stories to tell regarding how it was then.

Nowadays, living here is so much easier! With the technology available, you are never a speed dial away from family and friends abroad. You can find all types of services and amenities and with the beauty of the area make you wonder… why live anywhere else?

What made you go into real estate? The second day of the trip, we bought a lot for a home in Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas and shortly thereafter purchased land to develop a condominium project with the developers of Pedregal. After completing the condos and building my home, I decided I should be selling real estate since I was already referring friends. Also, many of our condo owners ended up building homes in Pedregal as well. Our close circle of friends and family kept on growing and growing!

At first it was a bit difficult… I wanted to learn everything so I kept on asking and asking all types of questions! With time I gained confidence and it helped me advise my clients on what was right for them. I became a full time agent with Pedregal Realty in 1996 and have been very happy ever since.


Can you tell Joanie has always enjoyed good food?

What do you like the most of living in Cabo? Still the weather, the beaches and the people. I really enjoy spending time in my home in Pedregal, walking the streets with my dogs and having friends over for a casual dinner.

What would you recommend to someone who’s looking into moving to Pedregal? Find a good real estate agent to assist you in your property search. The more experienced, the better they are to answer all your questions and find the right property for you.


Joanie and her family enjoying the Pacific Ocean view

If you would like to get in touch with Joanie for information about Los Cabos Real Estate… or to simply chat about what it was like 30 years ago, send her an email to jfeinstein@pedregal.com

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