Owning in Mexico – easier and safer than ever before!

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When Spanish explorers landed to Mexico, they named it El otro mundo, Another World. We call it Paradise. Today, you can own your own home in Paradise!

A view from a private home in Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas

Passionate land where two oceans meet and sun-bleached beaches wrap deserted mountains, southern Baja is a wonderful place full of rich textures and character. With spectacular natural areas, it offers adventurers and non-adventurers a chance to discover a real paradise on earth. Oceanfront homes on magnificent beaches, unspoiled land to grow your own organic garden, off-the-grid lifestyle, resorts with rich and picturesque settings featuring artisan homes and world-class amenities, all developed to make your life as pleasant and easy as it was meant to be. Life in Baja has so much to offer. Here you can find whatever your heart desires, beachfront residences or condominiums, magnificent lots or big parcels of land for your own development. Pedregal developments in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz are one of the most sought after residential communities in entire Baja. Our owners come from all over the world, United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and as far as Australia. Owning in Baja is an easy, attractive and at the same time reasonable decision.

Today, owning a property in Mexico is easier and safer than ever before. Contrary to what many think, citizens of other countries can buy property in Mexico with the same assurance as in their country, and still make it a profitable investment. Although it may sound more complicated than it really is, the process of holding title for non-Mexicans is a different process than in your home country. In the zone 50 kilometers from of the coast (encompassing all of Baja) ex-pats can purchase land through a land trust, or a Fideicomiso. Currently, 80% of happy owners at Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, Cabo’s premier residential community, own their home through a Fideicomiso (which is similar to a deed of trust).

A view of La Paz bay from popular walkway Malecon.

Most important and usually the most difficult decision, when choosing where to set your foot in this secret place of the Earth, is where to buy. From the Pacific Coast, through Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and East Cape featuring picturesque villages La Ribera and Los Barriles to state’s capital La Paz, the country offers many attractive home and investment options and possibilities.

Think about your desires and needs now and your vision of living your life in the future. What do you value? How much you want to spend for your second home or – if the purchase is an investment, what are your real estate investment goals? Think about the amenities you find important – like leisure or sports activities, cultural options, restaurants, access to the beach, commuting time to the airport or closest cities and access to health care facitilies. We’ll help you find the home, investment or commercial real estate that fits your needs.

When choosing your real estate company, be sure to select a company like Pedregal or Coldwell Banker Riveras, which is able to offer you all services needed when buying the property: an experienced professional real estate agent who knows the area well and has lived there for years; a mortgage broker who will provide you with best financing solutions; closing services for completing all the paperwork to help you close the transaction; property management services to assist you should you consider renting your property while you are away; and concierge services for enjoying your life to its fullest.

Living in southern Baja is easy and casual, friendly and festive. Remember, enjoying life brings benefits to the soul which can exceed the value of a positive return on investment. That’s why we call it Paradise!

We’ve provided you with some helpful real estate tools in our website to help you with your decision to buy a home or investment property in Baja.

For more information contact us at +52 624 143 0202, or Vonage from US at 1 866 805 4938 or send us an email at info@pedregal.com.

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