14 Days till G20 Summit in Los Cabos: Important Information for Residents and Visitors

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G20 Summit 2012, Los Cabos, Mexico, is about to happen in 14 days. Last Friday a security informational meeting was held at Fiesta Americana, by the Official Organizers of G20: Lic. Julio Camarena & Chief of Staff General Miranda

If you are a Los Cabos or Baja resident, or you are planning to visit Los Cabos in June, please read the following notes by Ali Ordoñez, Lifestyle Villas, from the meeting. They include important information about G20 and organization of traffic, access to beaches and other information for the days of the G20 Summit.

1. The toll road will be closed from the 14th – 19th of June. This will be open only to those transporting delegations. Anyone who needs to go to the airport will have to use the old route through San Jose Del Cabo.

2. The Convention Center will be open for the G20 Summit.

3. All beaches including access to beaches from the Holiday Inn (Known before as the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, next to the estuary) all the way to Punta Ballena will be restricted from the 12th – 20th of June.

4. Highest concentration of Security will be in Cabo del Sol & Punta Ballena.

5. Anyone who hasn’t submitted the names of staff by the 5th of June, of those who work inside of the developments or whom have any dealings with resorts where dignitaries are staying will NOT be able to access from the 12th until the 20th of June.

6. You must carry official identification with you at all times when in Cabo from the 12th on.

7. From the 15th until the 20th of June during the evening, there will be various events, concerts, movie screenings, ballet & exhibits at the Cultural Pavilion located in down town Cabo. All functions are open to the public & free.

8. The Cabo San Lucas bay & port will remain open as usual until further notice, possibly expect it to close on the 18th & 19th, but it is not official.

9. All schools, hospitals & regular businesses will remain open, unless a decision is made by the actual institution.

10. There will be no boat traffic allowed east of Misiones del Cabo towards the Estuary close to shore, but further out at sea it will be open for navigation.

11. This means that the popular snorkeling spots like Santa Maria, Chileno Bay & surf spots like El Tule, Acapulquito, the Rock & Zippers will not be accessible from the 12th until the 20th.

12. The Cabo San Lucas FBO (MMLS) is where all private jets will have to arrive who are not attending the G20.

13. Be prepared to wait in traffic, so leave at least 30-45 min before your meetings or appointments, there will possibly be various check points along the highway.

14. Don’t forget to smile, this is an unprecedented event in our destination, which we are certain will be a catalyst to re active foreign investment on our shores, in the near future.

15. We thank all the authorities for the hard work and for bringing this event to our destination & we will keep you abreast if anything changes.

16. If you are here during this event and want to venture out, there are so many places to see along the pacific coast towards Cerritos, Pescadero & Todos Santos and towards the east you have Santiago, Miraflores, Los Barriles, Bay Of Dreams, La Ventana & La Paz.

For more information please contact us at info@pedregal.com.

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  1. Felix Porras says:

    does anyone know if the beaches will be closed for good? or normal activities will be still allowed like surfing, walking the dogs, etc?

    thanks a lot

  2. admin says:

    Hi Felipe, by now you probably received the information – the beaches were completely closed, no surfing or walking dogs in the closed area. Medano beach and beaches beyond San Jose or Cabo were open for all the activities. I apologize for a late reply. I hope you had a great time!

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