Manuel Diaz Rivera takes us back to Los Cabos in 1975

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The year was 1973 when Architect Manuel Diaz Rivera was searching for a place for himself and his family to call home. After visiting Tijuana and Ensenada, they arrived to La Paz city… but Don Manuel and his family didn’t find a place to spend the night, so they slept at the taxi driver’s house. Next day someone told them there were rooms available in a small fishing community located south to the city, so they boarded a plane and arrived a couple hours later to the small community of Cabo San Lucas. The rest…the rest is history.

Today, September 8th of 2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of the date architect Manuel laid the first stone of the community that would soon become not only his home, but of hundreds of families. Over the years, what to many was a crazy dream has become a quiet and luxurious lifestyle. A place where every street and corner has been a witness of the development of an united community, where its beach has seen countless smiles and family events, but above all, a place where several generations can call home. This is Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas.


Architect Manuel Diaz Rivera

And who better to tell us this story than the oldest son of the founding architect Manuel, who is also named Manuel. Join me while he takes us back to Los Cabos in 1975.

What did the architect Manuel envisions for Pedregal?
His vision was to fundamentally change the hectic day -to-day life of Mexico City for a place with a better quality of life and to develop a private community that was a valuable asset for us, his family and for all who lived there.

How did you decide to choose this mountain?
On the first trip to Cabo we met the friend of a friend that introduced us to Mr. Bulnes. On that occasion we did not get to see the land and went back to Mexico City. Shortly after, we returned without the architect and walked all over the mountain. When Manuel was able to return we all knew that we had found what we were looking for.

How did you start the development?
While the closing process began, my father the architect, began to develop a master plan with its streets, parks, residential lots, lookout points and everything you need for a residential community. We arrived by ferry and got started right away. The first thing we built was a shed that served as a home, as an office and warehouse… it was a little bit of everything! Eventually this construction became a house and was later sold, it is very nice to see that this house still stands proud.


Architect Manuel laying the last stone and finishing the street of Phase III, in Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas

What were your main challenges?
Labor and material. Our trips to La Paz were not only to buy groceries, but also to acquire everything… from nails to blocks and all you could possibly need. Since Cabo San Lucas was really small, many of its inhabitants used to work in hotels or at the canning factory, so we brought master builders from mainland, while many others came and went daily from Miraflores.

How did the community receive you?
With open arms! There were no more than 2000 people, and we all knew and supported each other. If I could tell you all the times that we received invitations to share the table with the local families, or even to stay overnight. Sometimes we slept on the roof of the warehouse … not for lack of home, but for the incredible serenity of the area. The crashing waves in the distance and a sky full of stars were the best way to relax and get some sleep after a long working day.


An aerial view

Were you limited in services?
Yes, and a lot. Although the population had basic services, for us at the construction it was a daily routine to come and go with water trucks. Every day you could see me carrying bags of cement or simply lending a hand in any task as it was needed.

I can only imagine that moving from the city to a small town must have been tough and meaningful.
For many it was… but never to me. Since I arrived here I have not regretted a moment when I left the city with its traffic, pollution and accelerated lifestyle. I was able to enjoy nature at its best and this is where I started my family. Pedregal and Cabo San Lucas are my home.


Manuel taking a break by going fishing

As the development and the city were growing, what other changes came?
Los Cabos has always been a privileged area for its fishing and hospitality, and as both industries were developing, more tourists came and began to invest in the area. With urbanization, the developing of roads and urban infrastructure of quality, progress was significant in a short period of time. In Pedregal amenities were developed according to demand, but above all, its location within the city right in front of the marina with its close proximity to all services made it what it is, a premier opportunity to own real estate in Los Cabos.

After 40 years, both Pedregal and Cabo San Lucas have changed … How do you see the future of the community and the area?
Compared to other destinations Los Cabos is still a small city, but with the advantage that we have everything and more than you could possibly need: quality health care, good transportation and social infrastructure, internationally recognized education options and above all, quality of life that allows you to work and enjoy your everyday.

As real estate developers we are always looking after the betterment of the community through small things that make the difference: from improvements in street signage or the development of amenities to complement a luxury lifestyle. A big part of my father’s dream has been accomplished, yes, but we still have a long and creative way to go.

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