Let’s have a coffee with Gabriela Velazquez

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Have you met Gabriela Velazquez? She is one of our top producer agents and has been around for several years. Her market knowledge expands beyond the residential market as she is also familiar with commercial real estate transactions all around Baja.

We sat down for a coffee with her (she likes it black) and this is what she told us:

Where you from and what are made you move to Cabo? I was born and raised in Toluca and 15 years ago, I was invited to come to work as a caretaker at a Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas home by my girlfriend and College roommate, architect Cynthia Tapia. She grew up in here and told me all about the beauty and different lifestyle from a small city.

How did you start in real estate? After a couple of years in Cabo I became a mom to a baby girl and I was looking for a job that would allow me to spend time with her. I had been friends with Juan Diaz Rivera and he mentioned me that Real Estate might be the job. Juan believed that my passion and service commitment would be my greatest asset. I was interviewed by Leticia Diaz Rivera, Pedregal’s Realty Broker, who invited me to join their real estate family. That was 13 years ago and I’m happily still here.


Do you have a mentor or someone you admire? At first I knew nothing about real estate transactions so everything I know now I learned it from every agent and client I had the opportunity to work with; but especially from the exceptional team of professionals that I work with, who even 13 years later, continues to support and help me, plus, it is so much fun to be around every day!

How do you keep on learning/preparing yourself with this ever changing market? At the office we are given at least one main training course every year plus several webinars more. I also follow various Real Estate Couches online.

Plus, one thing I learned and still do since I started this career is be very attentive to the local MLS and what my other fellow agents share about the market, they are a great source of valuable experience and information!

You have been a successful real estate professional for several years now. What have you learned along the way?  So many things come to my mind. Persistence and determination will always be rewarded (if you are considering on becoming a Real Estate Advisor you will need loads of those). But above all, you have to listen to what your client has to say; if you are truly willing to help a client, listening is key.


What is your real estate advice? If you are looking to invest your money in the long or midterm the best option in my opinion is Real Estate. There will always be a property that will suit your needs and expectations. Trust and become friends with your Real Estate Advisor for a long and thriving relationship!

Lastly, I would like to thank every person who I have had the opportunity to interact throughout all these years (all the girls and boys in the office, my coworkers). But my deepest gratitude goes to my clients: buyers and sellers who have trusted in me to work for and with them!

If you would like to hear Gabriela’s Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas Real Estate market insight or simply have a coffee with her, send her an email to gvelazquez@pedregal.com

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