Joanie Feinstein recommends – Bajo La Luna Restaurant

By Joanie Feinstein

I have lived in Cabo for 33 years and admit I have not been to every restaurant in town, but certainly have been to many over the years.  Some, of course, have come and gone and are always being replaced by new and surprisingly good options.  Some are hidden secrets that only the locals (me included) know about. A new one (that’s becoming a favorite of mine) is called Bajo la Luna. This new restaurant in Cabo is just across the street from world famous Cabo Wabo (another must when you visit our city).  From the outside, it appears that there are just several tables and a bar facing the street. What most people do not know is that there is a beautiful hidden garden behind with many tables, a kitchen and a lovely wine cellar with a few tables. Food and the service are excellent and I continue to be always delighted with the many meals I have eaten here.


Bajo la Luna offers a delicious selection of Mexican and international food, which I love paring with a good glass of wine or a sizzling blue margarita.


Stay tuned, I will share with you some more of other hidden gems you’ll definitely thank me for.

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