Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas offers Buyer's Incentive Programs

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Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas is an exclusive residential community featuring beautifully crafted homes and premier homesites with magnificent ocean view or ocean front locations. Pedregal is the only high end community located at the southernmost part of Baja California Peninsula, with immediate proximity to the downtown and Cabo Marina.

The Developers of Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas are offering buyer incentive programs as  described below for a limited time only. Don’t miss out on these one of a kind financial opportunities on any of our properties listed for you or your clients to invest in one of the most prestigious locations in Cabo.

Prices start at: $200,000 USD

Pedregal Heights, Cabo San Lucas

Pedregal Heights, Cabo San Lucas


*20% Discount applicable only for cash buyers on all Developer lots.

Financing Programs:

*Program 1: 30% Down Payment and balance as follows:

– no interest first year and no payment

– interest payment only on the second year

– up to 10 year financing at 8% minimum variable 2 pts over prime rate, starting on the  3rd year.

*Program 2: 20% Down Payment and balance as follows:

– interest payment only on the first year

– up to 10 year financing at 9% minimum variable 2 pts over prime rate

*Program 3: 15% Down Payment and balance as follows:

– up to 10 year financing at 9% minimum variable 2 pts over prime rate

– starting 30 days after down payment is received.

*Closing coordination provided by Pacific Closing Company. The following programs, prices, terms and/or conditions are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: 1% charge fee plus tax charge as originating fee. Based on the amount to be financed.

For More information, please contact:

Gabriela Velazquez,, Cell: (624) 14 16762, Phone: +52 624 143 0202, US Toll Free: 1.866.805.49.38,

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  1. debra zerby says:

    what are your lot numbers and do you have pictures, very interested in cash deal. Can you give pricing on lots with discounts. Whats average square foot building price

  2. debra zerby says:

    note above

  3. rlilic says:

    Dear Mr. Zerby, my colleague Gabriela Velazquez will be contacting you soon with all the information. Thank you for reading our blog.
    With warm greetings from Baja,
    Romana Lilic,
    Marketing Manager

  4. JS says:

    20% off – so what. No lots have sold in over a year in Pedregal. Prices are 50% over market anyway. What is 20% off. Prices for land in Newport and Laguna in CA are off 50% from the peak. Get real on your prices.

  5. rlilic says:

    JS, thank you for the comment. Luckily for us, you don’t have correct information regarding lot sales. Regarding prices, it is good that in Newport and Laguna you can get properties 50% off. While those locations are beautiful, they will just never have the advantages Cabo San Lucas and Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas offers.
    No other location in the world can pride with a view to two oceans joining together at a Land’s end, as Pedregal does. That’s why value of properties in Pedregal will never vary down as much as 50%.
    We appreciate your comment and opinion.
    Best regards from Pedregal,

  6. KF says:

    While there are a still few rare gems in Pedregal, the overdevelopment of low end property in the north pacific side has damaged the image, not to mention a sewage system that still needs major work. When devlopers start tearing down the scrapers and rebuilding high value homes instead of more eyesores on cheaper land, I will look a bit harder…

  7. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment KF. Anytime you would like to see different options for investment in Cabo San Lucas or Baja, let us know. There are a lot of amazing and pure properties out there, and luckily Baja is so big, it offers something for every taste. Thank you again for your visit and comment! I appreciate it a lot,

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