Casa Miramar, a spectacular home being built on the top of Pedregal mountain in Cabo San Lucas

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Pedregal Heights is the most spectacular section within Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, offering ample residential lots with unobstructed views to the city, the bay and the Pacific Ocean. Its unique location allows for views to both the sunrise and the sunset from certain areas, and it is here, where prestigious architects Ek Design are building a unique Mexican residence with unsurpassable views.

Perched on the mountain, surrounded by exotic rock formations and with the Pacific Ocean as background, Casa Miramar is a testament to utter Mexican elegance. Located between the sun, the moon and cardon cacti, a magnificent entrance stands from the top. It is being built over the cantilevered mountain with a highly tendency to colonial Mexican architecture.

It’s design is based in a harmonic balance between the interiors and the exteriors, evident in the grand salon with its high ceilings, giving an incredible view to the terrace and pool area that blend with the Pacific Ocean.  In the interior other fine details are seen: marble, elaborate ironwork and cantera finishes give a unique colonial charm to the house. You can also enjoy arched walls that frame the view to the pool, ocean and sky.  The master bedroom is at the higher level, to take advantage of its spectacular views and its generous open spaces that make you feel unquestionably at home.
At the lower level of the home you’ll find the movie theater, a gym and two guest rooms connected by a separate bridge that leads to each one of them, both with a special and really comfortable design.  All of the architectural details seek to integrate a horizontal living concept with ample and comfortable spaces that adapt to the resident’s needs, demonstrating that it is an incredible artistic piece of engineering.

Casa Miramar is the first house being built within Pedregal Heights and it is estimated to be finished by the late summer of 2012.

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