Great Expectations: Capella Pedregal presenting Executive Chef Marco Bustamante

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These days all of us at Pedregal and Grupo Riveras are in great expectations of Monday, July 13, and the opening of Capella Pedregal’s Hotel. We will be writing more about Capella Hotel in following days. Right now, we’d like to present you Marco Bustamante, and if you were searching for that perfect recipe of authentic Mexican guacamole, read on.

Executive Chef at Capella Pedregal, Marco Bustamante is responsible for the creation and execution of all menu concept and development for the four dining establishments at new Capella Hotels and Resort in Cabo San Lucas. Marco’s fine dining expertise and experience in five diamond and Michelin-rated establishments will turn your dining experience into poetry. Exquisitely developed sonnets of freshest ingredients found on local markets, flavorful ballad combinations that make your taste buds (and all other senses) melt, refined odes to local traditions with a spoonful of creativity and sensitivity. This is how we could describe cuisine with Marco Bustamante’s signature. Pure poetry of tastes indeed.


4       Avocados

1       Tomato

1       Red Onion

1       Cilantro bunch      

½     Serrano Pepper

¼ clove      Garlic

Juice of two limes

Panella cheese

Salt and Pepper

To begin dice tomatoes and onions. Mince Serrano pepper, garlic and cilantro. Place all ingredients on the side until ready to use. Cut avocado in half and remove seed and spoon out into a molcajete or medium size bowl.  Mash avocado until almost smooth leaving some lumps for texture.  Fold in other ingredients and season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve in favorite bowl or in molcajete with basket of tortilla chips. Grate or crumble panella cheese on top of the guacamole for an added touch. Provecho!


Marco Bustamante was presented also in ESCAPES magazine, November 08 – March 09 issue.

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