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How was your 2011? What were your greatest achievements, events, did you complete your goals? We are happy to say that 2011 for Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz was great, and we are looking forward to an excellent 2012! We wish the same to you as well!

We reviewed our Pedregal blog and the content that you read the most in 2011. It is interesting to note that most of the top read articles from 2011 were published in 2009. Now that we know what you liked most, we will make sure to give you more relevant content in 2012! Here are the top 5 most read articles in 2011:

1) The Club recommends: YOGA helps your game

[published on September 11, 2009]

When incorporating aspects of this ancient mind, body, and spiritual philosophy to their normal routine, athletes of all levels discover enhanced performance and mental focus, have fewer injuries, hastened recovery time, and stronger inner motivation.

Yoga stretches increase stamina and improves balance. Cross training with Yoga spices up an otherwise dull regimen. But that is not all; when we are out of balance we may become injured during the workout. Yoga’s breathing techniques helps to consider the mental aspects of exercising, learning to concentrate, to really be present and to feel all parts of your body which is vital to athletic achievement.

At The Club of El Rincon, we have brought together some great asanas (also known as Yoga Positions), which are body positions intended primarily to restore and maintain a practitioner’s well-being, improve the body’s flexibility, vitality and promote the ability to remain in seated meditation for extended periods. By choosing to carefully combine yoga stretches with your favorite sports, you will receive a more productive and safe workout.

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2) Million Dollar Ocean View Just Got Sold

[published on June 12, 2009]

Pedregal de La Paz, beautiful high-end residential community in La Paz, includes a developement Villas Aguamarina with 26 comfortable Villas offering magnificent Sea of Cortez views.

View from Villa Toscana, in Villas Aguamarina community, Pedregal de La Paz.

This view just got sold! Where I was standing when taking the picture, in January 2010 will be Villa Toscana. We still have some left for you, if you are interested. Send us an email at and we’ll be glad to show you around.

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3) Discover Auriga Spa at Capella Pedregal

[published on July 22, 2009]

Auriga Spa at Capella Pedregal - entry area

Auriga Spa at Capella Pedregal – entry area

Come and experience newly opened Auriga Spa in Capella Pedregal Resort. Discover truly the most beautiful spa and wellness centre in Baja California Sur and pamper all your senses.

Auriga Spa at Capella Pedregal draws on the unique strengths of our local environment. Auriga borrows from both time-tested ancient practices and the latest contemporary findings. Our treatments are a blend of regional customs, indigenous herbs and authentic healing practices. They are as unique as the native culture we embrace. Our staff takes a holistic approach to wellness ensuring your body, mind and spirit are carefully nourished.

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4) Great Expectations: Capella Pedregal presenting Executive Chef Marco Bustamante

[published on July 10, 2009]

These days all of us at Pedregal and Grupo Riveras are in great expectations of Monday, July 13, and the opening of Capella Pedregal’s Hotel. We will be writing more about Capella Hotel in following days. Right now, we’d like to present you Marco Bustamante, and if you were searching for that perfect recipe of authentic Mexican guacamole, read on.

Executive Chef at Capella Pedregal, Marco Bustamante is responsible for the creation and execution of all menu concept and development for the four dining establishments at new Capella Hotels and Resort in Cabo San Lucas. Marco’s fine dining expertise and experience in five diamond and Michelin-rated establishments will turn your dining experience into poetry. Exquisitely developed sonnets of freshest ingredients found on local markets, flavorful ballad combinations that make your taste buds (and all other senses) melt, refined odes to local traditions with a spoonful of creativity and sensitivity. This is how we could describe cuisine with Marco Bustamante’s signature. Pure poetry of tastes indeed.

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5) Destination weddings: Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

[published on January 14, 2011]

We came across these wonderful photographs by Scott Andrew of a wedding in one of the worldwide best wedding destinations: Cabo San Lucas. And where else to have a wedding than at the beach, especially if it is secluded and surrounded by magnificent Pedregal mountain? See the images and the story below (text by Scott Andrew):

There is something awesome about going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with 130 of your closest friends and family. Oh and having one of the most gorgeous, beach, destination weddings while you’re there is a superb idea too. That is exactly what Nikki and Bobby did a little while back in gorgeous Baja California, Mexico.

Special thanks to the lovely Leslie Bost of The One Happenings, Cabo’s finest wedding and event planner, Capella Pedregal hotel and resort for hosting the rehearsal dinner, Villa Bellissima in Pedregal for hosting the reception and the many others who helped make this wedding special.

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  1. Leslie Bost says:

    Thank you! We are looking forward to the 2012 wedding season and many weddings in Pedregal!!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Leslie! I look forward to it as well! Warm greetings from Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas!

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