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 By: Jennifer Powell

 Nesting season has already started for the Olive Ridley turtles here in Los Cabos, and we found the first nest right here at Pedregal Beach on May 24th! The turtles lay eggs in nests on the beaches from June through December each year, and each nest contains approximately 100 eggs. The turtles hatch after about 45 days and return to the sea on their own.  It is estimated that only 1 out of 1,000 turtles will survive to adulthood.  We just became involved with the local conservation effort and organized our first releases last year.

Copy of turtle_eggs_pedregal_Beach

The following photo shows the turtle tracks, so you can look out for them as well as how they count and move the eggs to the hatchery.  The nest was located in a dangerous spot that is exposed to major erosion, so it was relocated.  You can help by learning about the turtles and if you have a beachfront home, please turn off all outdoor spotlights that face the beach.  The hatchlings are drawn to light, thinking it is the reflection off the ocean and can lose precious time, energy and be exposed to more risks by moving in the wrong direction (away from the water).

Copy of turtle_tracks_pedregal_beach

 We are looking forward to this season and the possibility of piloting a program where we will leave as many nests in place as possible.

We are working to improve the species’ survival rate, and to support local research and conservation efforts.  Please stay tuned for more information, and contact me at: jpowell@cbriveras.com for more details.

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